Created for a better food experience

Know is an online marketplace that allows farmers to directly connect with consumers, removing the traditional barriers of the local food system.

Farmers will now have the ability to manage their inventory, sales, and deliveries in one place, simplifying their business operations.

Consumers can shop for fresh, local food with the click of a button and no longer have to hunt down CSA programs or trek to the farmer's market every weekend.

What are Points?

Know Points provide a place for farmers to meet consumers and exchange the goods that have been purchased through Know's marketplace. Points seek to increase accessibility for consumers and efficiency for farmers. 


Using the website, simply join a Point in your area, shop for the food you want and pick it up at the designated time. It's just farmers meeting consumers to make the exchange. At work, at school, at community centers-- Know Points will go wherever you are.

Find a Point Today!

The Know Process

Create Point

Pick the location, day, and time of the Point. Add a brief description and a picture to make it easily found. Anyone can create a Point anywhere.

Determine Demand

Invite friends, co-workers, neighbors, and anyone else you can think of in the area! We will also notify current members of Know, so they too can join the Point. 


Know will match the Point with a local farm in the area based on number of consumers in a Point, capacity of the farm, and location. 

Build Market

Once a farmer has joined the Point, they will assign products based on their inventory and Point preference. 


Now the Point is complete and active! Consumers can shop for fresh produce with the click of a button.


Consumers meet the farmer at the drop location, pick up their food, and everyone is on their way. 
Quick. Simple. Delicious.

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