Local food can be hard to find.

With KNOW it's just a click away

KNOW is an online marketplace connecting consumers and farmers.

Everyone loves fresh, delicious food grown by someone they know and trust. Eating local food not only nourishes our bodies, it also nourishes our communities and allows local businesses to thrive. And we want to be a part of the adventure, cultivating relationships and bolstering small business. That is why we have created KNOW.


KNOW gives consumers the ability to shop for fresh, local food from the convenience and comfort of their own home, while also making it easier than ever to be a part their community. 

KNOW provides farmers with the technology they need to run profitable and efficient businesses. By giving them flexible, in-depth control over their sales and inventory and bolstering their customer relations, KNOW gives farmers everything they need to be successful in today's economy.

We have created KNOWPoints

A KNOWPoint is the location at which consumers meet farmers to pick up the products that have been purchased through KNOW's online marketplace.​

There are two parts to KNOWPoints, the online marketplace where consumers shop and purchase food and the pick-up locations where farmers meet the consumers to delivery their food.  

KNOWPoints seek to increase the accessibility of local food for communities while also providing farmers with the ability to streamline their operations. 

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