We strongly believe that there are dire issues in our current food system and that through the proper leveraging of technology, we can build a more sustainable food system that will alleviate these problems.   


Economic viability is a fundamental requirement for any business. Equally as important is figuring out how to sustain that viability long term. Regenerative farming, that is farming with an emphasis on ecology, has already proven that it can do both. By providing a platform that allows for the scaling of such a system Know will be able to bolster a more sustainable food system by providing new efficiencies and optimizing processes for farmers.


The unfortunate reality of the current regenerative food system is that it is constrained by the lack of access to the masses, with the only real distribution channels being Farmer's Markets and CSAs. While these options have many benefits, they are insufficient in terms of scaling the regenerative food system. Know provides a platform that isn't constrained by time or location and allows the farmers to go where ever the consumers are.  

Through the adoption of Know farmers will be able to quickly, easily, and accurately track, pack, and delivery orders. The platform will also allow farmers to manage all of the customer relations with simple, intuitive processes. These two systems will increase the amount of time farmers can spend farming and allow them to grow their business, increasing revenue and profitability. 


Food is required for life. But, it is also more than just a means of nourishment. It is a statement about who we are, where we come from, and what we stand for. Embracing this relationship means drawing attention to the impact on the health and welfare of farmers, consumers, and fostering an environment where food is celebrated and intentional not just required. 

It goes without saying that the food we put in our bodies has a direct impact on our health and well being. Therefore, the healthier, cleaner, fresher, and more nutrient dense the food we eat the better off we are. By putting fresh, healthy food on more tables in more communities, Know will play a major role in helping to build healthy neighborhoods everywhere. 

Bolstering the welfare of farmers and consumers is crucial for a more sustainable food system, which places value on the individuals within the system not just the financial bottom line. Know is dedicated to bettering the lives of farmers by reducing unnecessary stress and risk that is caused by lack of efficiency. Specifically, Know will be able to streamline the process of inventory management from harvest to delivery. Through the use of Know Points farmers will see a reduction in time spent off the farm, which means more time to do what they love. 


Know will provide consumers with unprecedented insight into how, where, and when their food was grown. They will be able to make the best choices for themselves based on their preferences, at their convenience. 


We cannot talk about food without talking about the environment and the importance of stewarding the earth in a manner that protects and sustains it. That is why we believe it is crucial for consumers to know and understand the impacts their food has on the earth. It is also why we want to promote the farmers who embrace their responsibly of stewardship and make conscious decisions to take care of the earth



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